• Design, edit and enhance the backend and frontend of our core application using PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SQL
  • Improvements and enhancements of the core product and API
  • Improvements and enhancements of the UI/UX of our core product
  • Additionally, ad-hoc reporting, corrective actions and/or improvements to our R&D process, …



Backend wise:

  • Familiarity with revision control systems such as GIT and SVN
  • Experience with PHP application receiving important traffic
  • Knowledge about Zend Framework, (Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon php)
  • Used to code C, C++ or Java
  • Test driven development knowledge
  • Knows some caching engines like Redis, Memcached, Varnish
  • Interacted with MySQL database engine and some PLSQL (optional this PLSQL)
  • Some Linux background (needed when we are dealing with deploying the application, or using a Cloud environment like Amazon web services)

Front-end Wise:

  • Worked atleast with one of those frameworks : AngularJS, Backbone, VueJS, Amber, ReactJS
  • Working with jQuery is a requirement
  • Needs to create optimized and speedy front-end
  • Basic NodeJS knowledge
  • Knowledge of static files minification and concatenation in the front-end




  • Ability to speak, read, write, and communicate effectively
  • Ability to coordinate, analyze, observe, make decisions, and meet deadlines in a detail-oriented manner
  • Ability to work independently without supervision


  • This position is based in our Casablanca offices
  • Send your CV + PHOTO to mynextdreamjob @ (copy/paste without the spaces) and put the job title in the subject of your email (necessary for automatic and speedy processing of your application, we sell process automation remember!)

You don’t have the necessary experience for this job? No problem, apply for an internship for this same position. Internships can lead to permanent job positions in our company.


BP212.COM is a dynamic, innovative and fast growing startup providing SaaS and Cloud applications to enterprises.

BP212.COM is the publisher and integrator of the cloud based platform ERM212.

The ERM212 is a Software-as-a-Service integrated enterprise relationship management solution enabling process and workflow automation.

BP212.COM is hiring new talents!

Talents who want to join a small group of highly skilled and open minded team members in an inspiring work environment.

A work environment that encourages knowledge sharing, taking initiatives and creativity; all in a great spirit.

If you share our spirit and fit the below profile apply to join the BP212.COM team and be part of the fast paced adventure.